The swarm - hum in my blood - How to Catch a Swarm of Lively honey bees: A hum in the.

My husband explained how the bees must cool the hive and how they must remove most of the water from the nectar to make honey. He explained that they accomplish these tasks by setting up air currents with their wings, and how the collective sound of thousands of wings make the noise that sounds like an electric fan.

Stopping to look around he noticed a hand sized spider crawling in front of him. With a quick jab of his spiked spider-like leg he impaled the large spider, holding it in front of him he pulled off a leg bringing it in front of his face and eating it. Enjoying the crunching of the spiders exoskeleton as he ate the eight legger. he felt an odd sensation from eating the spider, had he the time and proper resources and facility's he would have examined the spider further for any useful traits.

The Swarm - Hum In My BloodThe Swarm - Hum In My BloodThe Swarm - Hum In My BloodThe Swarm - Hum In My Blood